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The New Frontiers programme helped me to understand what investors are looking for within a business plan. Phase 2 allowed me to test my assumptions and make the necessary changes within a supportive environment. Everyone wants you and your business to succeed.

Ivan Tuohy, Great Visitor Experiences

The programme gave me fabulous networking and learning opportunities, I actually met our now CTO and co-founder during Phase 2 at the Synergy Centre two years ago. We’ve received invaluable help and advice from experienced mentors and also was able to avail of the Market Research Centre who gave us access to several detailed reports on our industry and its trends.

Sonia Neary, Wellola

For me, the purpose of joining New Frontiers was not only to develop our investor-ready skillset but also to improve my personal business skills, network and exposure to the start-up community in Ireland. The programme gave me the confidence I needed and also showed us the support available from Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland to grow our business.

Derya Sousa, Kianda Technologies

New Frontiers brought clarity, focus and a real solid sense check on whether my idea for Frankli had the potential to be a viable, scalable business. The detailed business plan output from the programme laid a solid foundation from which we continue to execute today.

Noel Dykes, Frankli Communication Technologies

New Frontiers facilitated the growth of TeachKloud in just under 6 months. TeachKloud went from an idea to a viable business with the training and support offered through New Frontiers. The peer to peer support is also invaluable. Having New Frontiers based in the Rubicon is a key feature of the programme as participants have access to the full Rubicon Team in addition to the other supports available on the Cork Campus.

Wendy Oke, TeachKloud

New Frontiers is a place where you can shape your idea into a business with a group of peers and prepare your business plan for scrutiny from venture capitalists. It’s been instrumental in establishing a solid base for our continued success and the contacts we made during the programme will of course always be useful for advice and guidance going forward.

David Whelan, Immersive VR Education