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Who runs New Frontiers?

New Frontiers is a nationwide Enterprise Ireland programme. Funded and managed by Enterprise Ireland, it is delivered by third-level institutions at 18 locations across the country. A Programme Manager in each institution administers the local delivery of New Frontiers.

Each year, since its inception in 2012, New Frontiers has supported over 500 participants in the establishment of their new businesses. Many of these businesses have gone on to receive investment from Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) or Enterprise Ireland through the various funding and investment options available.

What is the New Frontiers programme?

Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers programme supports the ambitious founders of innovative, early-stage businesses over three phases. During the part-time Phase 1 and full-time Phase 2, you will develop your capabilities as a founder – gaining the skills and confidence needed to take your startup from idea to successful business. To understand how the three phases of New Frontiers can support you, see our About page.

Consisting of practical and interactive workshops, personalised one-to-one mentoring, a tax-free allowance, and co-working space, New Frontiers is a game-changer for anyone serious about developing their founder toolkit.

What are the main benefits of the programme?

The main benefits of the programme are:

  • Regional access to applicants across 13 programmes and 18 locations.
  • Open to business ideas from across all sectors including food & consumer products; information & communication technology; engineering & electronics; medical devices; biotechnology; pharma, digital media; cleantech/renewable energy and eligible internationally traded services.
  • A support package valued at €40,000, including a €15,000 tax-free allowance in Phase 2 (subject to satisfactory performance) with no equity taken in your business.
  • Further support is available in Phase 3, valued at over €10,000 (limited places available).
  • Peer-to-peer support and learning from a cohort of likeminded founders.
  • Personalised one-to-one mentoring offered by seasoned business mentors from the Enterprise Ireland Mentor Network.
  • Expert advice and guidance from an experienced programme team, business practitioners, investors, and other entrepreneurs within the third-level institutions.
  • Access to R&D facilities and specialist expertise from within the third-level institutions, including access to interns and graduates.
  • Practitioner-led workshops in all areas of building a business.
  • Regular milestone review meetings to monitor your progress.
  • Free co-working space (during Phase 2 and 3).
  • Support and guidance in the development of a strong business plan.
  • Connections with relevant agencies (such as Local Enterprise Offices and Enterprise Ireland) to get information on other funding and supports available.
  • Access to Enterprise Ireland’s Market Research Centre.
  • Introductions to seed and early-stage capital investment networks.

When is the next recruitment phase?

Recruitment dates vary around the country. You can consult each location’s deadline for applications in our online calendar.

If you are interested in applying, the first step is to register your interest with the Programme Manager at your chosen location using our online form.

You can apply to more than one location. If your application is not successful, you are still welcome to apply to a different location or a new cycle of the programme.

Please note that if the programme you are interested in is not listed on the calendar, it could mean that the programme has already commenced or that recruitment is not yet open. The relevant Programme Manager will contact you when recruitment opens.

Please note: no applications will be available from or considered by Enterprise Ireland.

How does New Frontiers differ from other accelerator programmes?

New Frontiers differs from privately-funded accelerator programmes in that it does not take equity in the start-ups it supports.

The main focus of the programme is on developing your founder toolkit so you have the ability to take your startup from business concept to investable business.

Do I have to complete Phase 1 in order to apply to Phase 2 of the programme?

No, you don’t have to complete Phase 1 in order to join Phase 2 of New Frontiers. However, it is recommended that you complete both phases in order to benefit as much as possible from the programme. Participating on Phase 1 will also help you to make a stronger application for Phase 2 and improve your chances of being accepted.

Can I participate in the New Frontiers Programme if I have previously received state funding?

Please see our Eligibility Criteria page for details about eligibility and how funding received from other sources may affect your ability to participate on the programme or receive the stipend.

Can my business partner/co-founder and I both apply to the programme?

Although you can both apply to the programme, only one individual may be nominated to attend the programme and receive the €15,000 tax-free allowance.

Do I need to register my business in order to participate on New Frontiers?

No, you do not need to have already registered your business in order to participate on the New Frontiers programme.  It may be necessary to register your company in the future if you intend to apply for other agency supports (Innovation Vouchers or Pre-Seed Start Fund, for example). Please note however that from the date of incorporation in Ireland, a company must be less than 3 years old to qualify for Pre-Seed Start Fund (PSSF) and less than 5 years old to quality for Enterprise Ireland HPSU funding.

Am I eligible to apply for New Frontiers if I have participated on the programme before?

If you have participated on Phase 1 previously you are eligible to apply for Phase 2 at a later stage. However, individuals are not eligible to apply for Phase 2 if they have already completed the programme in previous years.