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Siobhan Berry MummyCooks New Frontiers alumna

Siobhan Berry is a New Frontiers alumna and the founder of Mummy Cooks. The startup has developed a range of storage solutions to help parents with weaning, and provides practical and simple feeding advice and recipes to inspire, educate and empower parents to feed their young families healthy, homemade food.

With a background in asset management, the entrepreneurial journey started for Siobhan after she became a mother. She started giving classes in baby food cooking, and after seeing how many parents were looking for advice and support with weaning, she decided to found Mummy Cooks in 2013.

As a mum of two young girls, Ashleigh (7) and Jessica (5), Siobhan believes that cooking is a fun activity that brings families together; there are few things as satisfying as seeing her two girls finish off a plate of wholesome and nutritious food.

I’m passionate about feeding children healthy, homemade food and taking them on a journey from weaning onto family foods. Feeding children well should be about instilling a love of good food and eating together as a family. By feeding home-cooked food at the weaning stage, it really can have great benefits in terms of having a good eater later on.

Mummy Cooks has developed into a substantial online resource for feeding young children, with lots of tips and recipes. Their award-winning product range, Babypotz, allows parents to easily and effectively portion their child’s meals. Feeding young children can sometimes be very stressful, and Mummy Cooks aims to make it more relaxing and enjoyable to spend time eating together as a family.

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