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New Frontiers Phase 1 or Phase 2

The first step in applying to the New Frontiers programme – whether you’re interested in Phase 1 or Phase 2 – is to register your interest with the establishment you would like to attend using the form below.

Please note, although New Frontiers is a national, standardised programme, the application process and timetable vary from one location to another. You can see upcoming application dates in our calendar section. However, you can register your interest below at any time.

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Please check to see if you are eligible. Read the eligibility criteria and suggested articles on the blog.

Step 2: Check the dates

As the application process and timetables vary from one location to another, please check our calendar section to see when a programme near you is open for applications. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the programme in their nearest location in order to benefit from local supports and networking events. Also, it will be expected that participants attend sessions on campus during the programme.

Step 3: Complete the registration form below

Register your interest by completing the form below. Please note, THIS IS NOT THE APPLICATION FORM!

When completing the form please:

  1. select the location you are interested in attending (the form will be shared with the programme manager at that Institute. You can contact more than one location and you can always register your interest to another institute if you are not successful in getting a place on your first choice (just resubmit the form).
  2. select if you are interested in participating on Phase 1 or Phase 2

Step 4: Wait for an application form

When you have submitted your registration form, the relevant Programme Manager will receive your expression of interest. If the programme is open for applications, you will be sent the appropriate form. If not, you will be contacted by the Programme Manager when the call is open.

Step 5: Connect with the community

Keep up to date with the latest New Frontiers news by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as signing up to the newsletter.

Registration form

    What is your preferred location? *

    Your name *

    Your email *

    Your phone number *

    Which phase are you interested in? *

    Describe your idea *

    For example: What is the problem/gap/opportunity you've spotted? What's the market for your product/solution? How far along are you in developing this idea?

    Please note

    Programmes are often over-subscribed. Places are offered on a competitive basis following completion of an application form and, in the case of Phase 2, an interview.

    Individuals can apply to Phase 2 without having completed Phase 1. However, participation on Phase 2 is a prerequisite to being accepted into Phase 3.