Meet the Team: Gemma Purcell

New Frontiers Programme Manager, Carlow

Gemma Purcell New Frontiers CarlowWhere are you from and how did you get here?

I am from Wexford but now live in Carlow. I hold an honours degree in Industrial Design from NCAD and an MBA from the Institute of Technology Carlow. I have over ten years’ industry experience working for large multinational retailers as a Design Management specialist. Within this role, I have managed multifunctional teams on multiple design projects from concept through to implementation, driving new innovation in retail throughout Europe and Asia. More recently, I have worked in a Business Development role within the Design+ Technology Gateway in IT Carlow.

What is it about business and start-ups that so interests you?

I am passionate about cultivating and fostering entrepreneurial growth to help companies realise their true potential. It is a very exciting and dynamic space to work in and I enjoy the diversity it.

When did you become a New Frontiers PM and what inspired you to become one?

I took up my role in December 2020. I have extensive experience in supporting companies of all sizes in identifying new opportunities, creating innovative strategies and/or new product and service development.

What do you feel are the qualities you bring to the role?

I have a passion for creativity, combined with excellent communication and organisational skills. I excel at networking and building relationships, helping start-ups to get the right support and foster growth and development.

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