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Simon Cocking New Frontiers

Simon is a founder, mentor and currently Deputy Editor of Irish Tech News. He has been writing on topics as diverse as sport, art, environmental issues, community development and, of course, tech for the past 15 years and regularly contributes to websites such as Tweak Your Biz, Tech versus Nature, Geektime and

Simon is very active in the startup community and part of Dublin Growth Hackers. He has been involved in the creation of several community- and sport-based initiatives, including the Dublin Bikes Scheme and Global Action Plan.

With a background in Project Management (a Masters in Project Planning from Bradford University and a BSc in Digital Project Management from DIT), Simon has also held roles in project management, software development and digital strategy with a number of organisations. He currently lectures for the Innovation Academy at DCU on online presence and strategy.

Simon’s adventurous spirit and passion for helping others led to him spending several years working on humanitarian projects and teaching English as a foreign language in Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador; all experiences that have no doubt contributed to his active community involvement here in Dublin.

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