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Shane Brett is co-founder of Gecko and a New Frontiers participant. Shane has nearly 20 years’ experience working in the hedge fund industry. A Dundalk IT graduate, he worked with some leading banks and investment companies worldwide before setting up his consultancy business, Global Perspectives, in London.

Shane is the author of The Future of Hedge Funds (Dec 2012) and The AIFMD Cheat Sheet (August 2013). He is a contributor to a large number of financial publications and is regularly interviewed for radio and television on global financial and economic developments. He also provides expert economic and financial analysis to international clients of Atheneum Partners Executive Network and is a mentor and conference speaker.

Shane is a somewhat reluctant technology entrepreneur. He had spent a lot of time looking for a software solution to manage his consulting engagements and projects in one central dashboard, but couldn’t find one. Out of necessity, he decided to build such a platform himself. Gecko was born!

When Shane realised that other companies and senior managers must have the same needs as him, he and co-founder Mark McHugh (an old college friend) decided launch themselves into the technology startup world. Shane applied to Phase 1 of the New Frontiers programme at Dundalk, and the journey began.

The programme is brilliant – a really well-rounded course that prepares you for all aspects of running a startup, including getting that all-important business plan together. The training covering social media, finance and marketing were also invaluable. I met amazing people who were having the same challenges growing a startup as us.

A true convert to the cause, Shane has already encouraged three of his friends to apply to the New Frontiers programme, two of whom are now participants!

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